Ezytruk is complaint with the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) specifications. With Ezytruk you can:

    • Track, Trace and Manage in near real time
    • Web App and Native Android App with a Dashboard view and rich App experience
    • Integrated Booking Management System
    • IOT (Internet Of Things) capability inbuilt
    • BIG DATA, Data Analysis, Reporting & Analytics
    • Secure Cloud Infrastructure
    • Helpdesk (24x7) and Command Control Centre
    • Secure Smartphone as a device
    • Google Premium Maps
    • Can be integrated with your existing ERP / Business Management Systems
    • Inbuilt verification system for Shipper, Carrier, Vehicle and Driver
    • Build your brand, increase customer base
    • Save big on administrative manpower and IT Infrastructure



Ezytruk Platform facilitates shipment planning process by enabling on demand shipments, improving your delivery and dispatch timelines.


Track your Vehicle and Shipments with greater accuracy and at the same time get information on the estimated time of arrival at the pick up points and destinations.


Get the nearest vehicle from the best Carriers for your shipments saving time and fuel. Ezytruk is committed to reduce Carbon Emissions for a greener earth.


Our approach is not shaped or confined by the financial restraints of owned assets, capacity or network. This gives us an ability to provide driver services suited to the customer's unique requirements.


Get real-time visibility of vehicle location, status, alerts and document management all at the convenience of your smartphone. Reporting and Analysis enable on demand business decisions for efficient fleet operations.


Govern the working hours of the driver and get alerts instantly for violations. Driver “HOS” (Hours of Service) monitoring can prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue.
The Drivers RODS (Record of Duty Status) ensures an accurate record of the driver’s duty status with the date, time, and identity of the individual.


    • Increased earnings per truck with less fleet idle time
    • Automated Freight Invoice, Digital LR / GCN Copy, e-POD, Trip Report and Route Map
    • Save time and fuel with knowledge of vehicle proximity
    • Shipper / trip data analysis, documentation and reporting
    • Load sourcing with predictive and prescriptive analytics
    • Route based geofencing with route deviation alerts
    • Consistent fleet and driver performance monitoring
    • Capture mileage expenses by driver
    • Easy Vehicle-Driver Allocation
    • Notification based on mileage and calendar
    • Feedback and rating system
    • Faster settlement of disputes due to accurate data availability
    • Navigational assistance to drivers
    • Build your brand, increase customer base
    • Marketplace of OEM offers and discounts


    • Native Android App and Web App with an online booking management system
    • Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics for on-demand availability of vehicles from verified carriers
    • Increased carrier base
    • Feedback and Rating system
    • Route based geofencing with route deviation alerts
    • Carrier / trip data analysis, documentation and reporting
    • Complete information on vehicle arrival and departure, current location
    • Marketplace and Contract Carrier options available
    • Supporting data for quicker settlement of dispute


    • Choose from a large database of verified carriers
    • Lesser dependency on truck operators for availability of trucks
    • Commit to customer for trucks / loads on-demand and on-time
    • Online booking management system
    • Instant customer feedback
    • Generate more revenue on monthly basis
    • No need of marketing spend
    • Maintain committed service levels with Carriers and Shippers
    • Get new customers and expand into new segments
    • Carriers / Shippers wise trip data analysis and reporting