1. What is Ezytruk?

Ezytruk is an on-demand goods transportation platform. This platform enables the Shippers to access on-demand availability of trucks based on the shipping requirements as well as effectively managing the warehousing operations. Carriers can benefit with a large number of Shippers on the platform thus increasing the chances of return loads across locations as well as alerts with regards to their vehicle maintenance schedules, driver payroll management etc.

2. Who can register on Ezytruk Platform?

Any corporate or individual can register online through www.ezytruk.com and submit the mandatory documents.

3. How long will it take from Signup till Approval?

Once you signup and submit all the required documentation, it will take 2 working days to get you onboard the platform.

4. Why is the documentation process for onboarding so exhaustive?

One of our platform key differentiators is "to provide verified Shippers and Carriers" to the users. Hence, the documentation process for onboarding users on our platform is very detailed and comprehensive thereby being exhaustive.

5. How to login to the Driver App?

Every driver will have a unique 6-digit numeric password to login to the App. Before login, the driver has to accept to share device location by clicking on the checkbox provided on the login screen.

6. Whom to contact when my login fails?

If you are unable to login to the App, you can get in touch with our help desk for assistance.

7. Is the driver also tracked?

No. Ezytruk does not track the Driver. The device is tagged to a particular vehicle number through the IMEI of the device. Ezytruk application will track only the location of the vehicle. During the onboarding process, it will be clearly explained that the driver mobile device with the Ezytruk App installed on it has to be always kept switched on, in the vehicle at all times and not to be moved / taken away from the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the driver to follow the instructions.

8. How to operate the device?

The smartphone device is easy to operate. Required user training for device operation shall be provided during the process of onboarding.

9. What is the recommended mobile device specifications for the Driver App?

Ezytruk recommends the smartphone mobile device to have the following minimum specifications. 1. RAM = 1GB, ROM = 8GB 2. Dual core processor 3. 4.5" screen and above 4. Primary Camera = 5 Mega Pixel and Above 6. Manufacturer = Motorola, ASUS.

10. Mobile/device not showing the navigation?

Navigation within the phone depends on Data Connectivity from Mobile service providers. It is very rare that data connectivity will be lost for a long time. However, since we use Google premium maps for navigation, the trip route will be auto downloaded for Pickup point and Destination.

11. Not getting trip alerts?

Trip Alerts depend on Data Connectivity from Mobile service providers. If data connectivity is lost, we will send you an sms and try to keep you informed about the trip till the data connectivity becomes available from the service provider.

12. Device does not respond?

If the device does not respond, it is suggested to restart the mobile device. The driver has to login with his credentials and continue usage of the App.

13. Do I get the trip alerts before delivery of the present trip?

A new trip alert will be sent to the driver after the present trip ends.

14. Whom do I/we contact next if help desk is not responding?

Ezytruk helpdesk is operational 24/7/365. It may be that the help desk is busy attending to other customer calls. If there is no response when you call, you may have to wait for a few minutes before you can call the helpdesk again. Escalation matrix of helpdesk will be shared with all Ezytruk customers.

15. Whom do I/we contact if driver is having an issue with customers?

If the driver has an issue with the shipper, he can give a rating of 2 Star on the App after the trip ends. The Carrier will be informed of the issue by email and message for immediate action.

16. Device is not working/getting heated up?

Non-working device shall be replaced by Ezytruk as per service level agreement.

17. Where to find the Help desk number?

Help desk numbers are available on the App and also on the front windshield of the truck.

18. In case of emergency where and whom to contact-carrier or shipper?

In case of emergency, the driver can raise an SOS event from the App. The SOS event details shall be sent to the carrier as an alert. However, a call can also be placed to the Helpdesk.

19. Where to find the shipper/end customer contact details?

All contact details can be found in the App or a call can made to our helpdesk.

20. In case of medical help whom to contact?

In case of medical help, the driver can navigate to the nearest hospital through the App or he can call the Helpdesk for assistance.

21. In case of incentives where to view?

Details of Rewards and Incentives for drivers is available on the Driver App.

22. In case of accidents what are the action are to be taken and whom to contact?

In case of accidents, the driver or passerby can raise an SOS event on the APP or alternatively a call can be made to the Helpdesk. All efforts will be made by the helpdesk to reach the carrier / shipper for assistance.

23. Who will pay the mobile data subscription fee?

Mobile data subscription fee shall be paid by the Carrier.

24. I have lost the device?

Loss of device shall be the responsibility of the Carrier. A replacement device shall be provided by Ezytruk as per standard terms and conditions.

25. SIM card damaged/not working?

Faulty SIM cards shall be replaced by the service provider within the earliest possible time.

26. Payment of Subscription Charges?

Subscription charges for services from Ezytruk shall be paid to Ezytruk through the online payment gateway available on the App. However, payments can also be made by Cheque and DD.

27. What to do when vehicle documents are lost?

All-important vehicle documents are made available as a soft copy on the Ezytruk provided smartphone device. The same can be viewed for reference. However, it is the responsibility of the Carrier / driver to produce printed copies of the documents as required by the concerned authorities.

28. What to do when documents and driver license got expired?

Ezytruk will make sure reminders are sent to the relevant users for renewal of documents on time. It is the responsibility of the user to renew documents as required by law. However, Ezytruk will help in renewal of documents wherever possible.

29. How to handover in case of multi driver?

In case of multiple drivers assigned for a single truck, the system is designed to handle the same seamlessly. The current driver should log off and the new driver should login to continue driving the vehicle. It is mandatory for the carrier admin to make sure vehicle-driver allocation is done as required for the vehicle.

30. RTO/Police have detained the vehicle and documents, what shall the driver do?

Driver can show the documents available as a soft copy on the mobile device to the authorities. It is the prerogative of the authorities to accept the soft copy as a valid document. If the authorities insist on printed copies, then the Carrier / driver / Shipper shall make arrangements for submission of the same.

31. Materials damaged in transit?

The Shipper can raise an issue through the feedback facility available on the App. The Carrier will be informed of the feedback for necessary action and dispute resolution.

32. What is the resolution time after reporting to Help desk?

Help desk shall take utmost care to resolve all issues at the earliest possible time. However, depending on the complexity of the issue, more time may be needed for resolution.

33. Carrier not able to quote?

The quotation process requires Data Connectivity at the Carrier end. If the problem persists even when there is data connectivity, an issue may be raised with the help desk for resolution.

34. I am not able to generate the trip?

The Trip generation process requires Data Connectivity at the Carrier / Shipper end. If the problem persists even when there is data connectivity, an issue may be raised with the help desk for resolution.

35. Transit Insurance?

It is advised to have the required Transit Insurance for transporting goods. Ezytruk can help you in getting the Transit Insurance. You can reach the help desk for the same.

36. Training for usage of the Application?

The required training for usage of the Application will be provided by Ezytruk to all users.

37. How can I make payment for data Subscription?

You can make payment towards data subscription through the payment gaeway available on the APP or by means of Cheque / DD. The payments shall be made quarterly in advance.

38. How Do I opt out of Ezytruk Services?

At any time, you can opt out of Ezytruk Services. You can talk to our helpdesk executive for the same. However, any payments made towards Data Services shall not be refunded.

39. How can I get help for dispute with the Shipper?

For any disputes with the shipper, you can raise a request with the helpdesk for the required documents for justifications. Ezytruk will not be a party to any disputes arising between a carrier and shipper. The same has to be resolved between the affected parties by themselves or by the court of Law.

40. How can I get help for dispute with the carrier?

For any disputes with the carrier, you can raise a request with the helpdesk for the required documents for justifications. Ezytruk will not be a party to any disputes arising between a carrier and shipper. The same has to be resolved between the affected parties by themselves or by the court of Law.

41. How can I trust the carrier / shipper?

All Carriers on Ezytruk platform are verified by a reputed third party verification agency. The Carriers are onboarded onto Ezytruk Platform only after all verification parameters are confirmed to be true by the verification agency. However, it is the responsibility of the user to make sure necessary verification is from their end is done before giving / utilizing the services of the other party.

42. Does Ezytruk help is payment collection from Shipper?

Ezytruk will not collect payments from the shipper on behalf of the Carriers. The payments shall be made as per existing policies and procedures of the Shippers. The carrier shall confirm payment terms directly with the Shippers.

43. Can a Consignor and Consignee track shipments?

Yes. A link will be provided to the Consignor and Consignee for shipment tracking. The tracking will automatically expire after the trip ends. However, the same is available as a report for future reference.

44. How secure is my Data?

Ezytruk has a data governance policy as per accepted international standards for data storage and view by the user. The data center where the data resides is also secure. However, Since the internet is an open space and protection for data loss cannot be guaranteed with existing technologies, Ezytruk does not take complete responsibility for any data loss due to any activity beyond its control.

45. What happens if there is a change of driver midway in a trip?

Irrespective of driver change, the trip will continue with the trip data.

46. What are the pre-requisites for getting proper data?

To get proper data, the Carrier / driver has to ensure the following; 1. Mobile device should be charged always. 2. Data connectivity should be available. 3. The mobile device should be kept in a position always visible to the sky. 4. Roaming should be enabled. 5. The app should always be updated to the latest version released by Ezytruk.

47. How do I get alerts for new loads?

To get alerts for new loads, the carrier has to be logged into the app at all times.

48. What can I use the helpdesk facility for?

You can make use of the helpdesk facility 24/7/365 for all requirements of Data regarding your fleet and trips that is made available by Ezytruk application. You can also take prints of the required reports by paying a nominal fee at the helpdesk.

49. What is the guarantee that I will get a return load?

Ezytruk does it best efforts to onboard Shippers at different locations to service the requests for return loads. However, it is advised to give enough time for Ezytruk to mature as a platform. Over time, we are sure of providing loads on a continuous basis.

50. How accurate is the data provided?

Ezytruk tries to provide data to the highest possible accuracy. However due to technological limitations, 100 % accuracy is not guaranteed for data. But you can still depend on the data that you can see on your App.

51. Why do I have to sign an agreement with Ezytruk?

You have to sign the agreement with Ezytruk for legal requirements. The same shall be binding on the parties involved for the transaction.

52. Will Ezytruk disrupt the existing goods transportation processes?

No. Ezytruk will not disrupt the existing goods transportation processes, but the platform will bring in transparency and efficiency leading to profits and peace of mind for all parties in the ecosystem.

53. Can I buy my own mobile device for the driver app?

Yes. But the mobile device you buy should meet the minimum required specification recommended by Ezytruk.

54. What should I do when I sell my vehicle?

If you sell your vehicle, make sure, you take back the mobile device from the vehicle. You can inform the helpdesk and request for either cancellation of service or re-assignment of the mobile device to another vehicle.

55. Can the Shipper / consignor / consignee track my truck after the trip ends?

No. Ezytruk has Data Governance Policy implemented. Hence the Shipper / consignor / consignee cannot track the truck after the trip ends. Historical reports of the same will be available on request by paying a nominal fee at the helpdesk.

56. Is my data protected?

Yes. Ezytruk's Data Governance policy makes sure every user's private data is protected for consumption only by the authorized user.