In today’s hyper-connected world, where you can order a pizza or a cab at the click of a button and on-demand, finding a reliable and trusted Carrier to transport your valuable goods is still a process of luck and faith.

Ezytruk is an app based data-driven logistics aggregation platform, poised to change the landscape of logistics operations and bring about a disruption in the goods transportation marketplace. Ezytruk implements the IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure complimented with data-driven analysis, reporting and analytics thereby giving unparalleled value to the stakeholders.

Using Ezytruk, “Shippers” will get the benefit of verified and rated “Carriers” on-demand. They can compare prices between Carriers in a transparent manner, real time knowledge of the movement of their goods and warehouse space management, all from a native Android app. Whereas the Carriers will be able to improve their fleet utilization, reduce fleet management and administration expenses through data availability on a common dashboard. Carriers can gain new customers, provide good quality customer service for both new and existing customers and be able to compete on an equal opportunity platform.


Exceptionally Engineered Product 

The team at Ezytruk holds the platform we have crafted to the highest standard. We believe that an exceptionally engineered platform is the cornerstone of establishing trust with our customers.

Keeping It Simple

Our top priority was to make Ezytruk very simple. Our idea of an app enabled technology in goods transportation can save on time and resources with significantly less overheads. We reduce manual tasks to a great extent thereby increasing efficiency of your existing processes.

Equal opportunity

Shippers face tightened capacity associated with fewer trucks on the road, rising fuel prices and higher shipping prices as the surviving service providers become more selective about the freight they carry and the clients they serve. There is a need to link the unorganized Carrier sector with the organized Shipper marketplace. Ezytruk seamlessly connects Carriers and Shippers thereby helping truckers grow their businesses and Shippers track their freight in real time. The unorganized Carriers can compete on a larger scale resulting in improved bottom-lines in their trucking operations, with profitable quality of service to the Shippers. We empower truckers with lots of opportunities thereby making possible employment creation and growth in their profits and ownership of fleet. We believe we can help shrink the gap between the organized and unorganized truckers and lead to a healthier, more efficient trucking economy.

Data Protection

Ezytruk uses the best security measures for data storage and handling. All information is fully encrypted and securely stored and delivered over the cloud. Data Governance forms a critical part of Ezytruk services delivery. All customer data is protected as per standards on Data Security and Governance.

Enriched customer experience

Ezytruk keeps track of all customer transactions and meet unique customer requirements in a profitable way. To accelerate customer engagement, we will have world class customer service centers across strategic locations - accessible to you 24x7 either on telephonic call or you can just walk-in to get your query addressed.


Narasimha B S

Co-founder and Director

Our seed investor, Narasimha has been a strong supporter of the idea from the very beginning. Running a very successful construction business, his insights serve as a core driver to processes in Ezytruk.

Anand Mutalik

Advisor and Member on Board of Directors

The guiding force behind Ezytruk, Anand brings his 30+ years of overall experience in the industry to Ezytruk with the last 18 years of building highly successful organisation. We are lucky to have him as our mentor and advisor.

Ajith Nair

Investor and Member on Board of Directors

Ajith Nair is currently the CEO at iAdepto Business Solutions, Dubai, UAE. He has 24+ years of experience (20 years in the Gulf) with 17+ years of experience in leading organizations. He has been part of four successful startups and an Angel Investor to niche IT startups. He is a Computer Science and Management Graduate with Specialization in IT (ERP / BI / CRM / Mobility / SP / PMS).

Anish K

Investor and Member on Board of Directors

Anish K is an industry IT veteran with undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering, 20+ years of experience in managing sales and channel organization of multi-billion dollar global IT enterprises companies in South Asia & MEA. He is passionate about technologies like Digital Transformation, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain & Chatbots.